How does it work?
Ardagh Glass Packaging is using new technology to drive growth in glass recycling. The easy-to-use, web-based BanQu platform will make the processes in the glass recycling value chain more transparent, efficient and equitable.
Seller presents recycled glass to buyer.
Glass weighed and quality assessed by buyer.
From here, buyer manages the transaction on the BanQu platform ( via cellphone.
Buyer logs in and selects seller on BanQu.
Seller not registered:
Buyer sends seller a link via SMS directly from BanQu, seller accepts and buyer creates seller’s profile on BanQu.

Seller is registered but not connected to buyer:
If buyer and seller have not transacted on BanQu before, buyer needs to send SMS to seller via BanQu to connect for transactions.
Buyer enters transactional information, including weight of glass.
Buyer submits transaction.
Seller receives notification of transaction via SMS (can raise query if not satisfied).
Cashless payment – seller receives SMS notification of payment into kasiCASH account.
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