How do cashless payments work
for level 2 and 3 recyclers?
One of the benefits of using the BanQu platform for glass recycling transactions is that it enables cashless, real-time transactions which reduce the risk around cash and payment. All you need is a kasiCASH account which you can create on your cell phone.
Dial *134*20039# to open your FREE kasiCASH account.
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  • 1. Cashless transactions are quick:
  • • Get immediate payment in Digital Rand vouchers.
  • • These are paid into your kasiCASH account.
  • • This means you enjoy a safe and easy way to transact using your mobile phone.

  • 2. Best of all:
  • • You don’t even need airtime or data to access your kasiCASH account and transact.

  • 3. Your Digital Rands are accessed easily:
  • • Dial *134*20039#,
  • • And enter your secure 4-digit PIN.

  • 4. Your Digital Rands can be easily used:
  • Pay for goods and services from thousands of stores and online retailers including:
  • • Shoprite
  • • Checkers
  • • Pick n Pay
  • • Mr D
  • • Usave
  • • Steers
  • • Hungry Lion
  • • …and many more.

  • 5. If you want to use your kasiCASH account to pay for more goods and services using your phone, simply BUY more Digital Rands from:
  • • Pick n Pay, Ackermans, PEP, Spar, Checkers, USave, Shoprite, Makro or Builders Warehouse.
  • • Do this by following the BUY option on your kasiCASH account.

  • 6. You can USE your Digital Rands to buy airtime and data instantly from your phone.

  • 7. You can SEND Digital Rands to any mobile number in South Africa for free.
  • • This is perfect for sending to your family straight from your phone.

  • 8. When you can’t use your Digital Rands on kasiCASH:
  • • Get a cash refund at any Pick n Pay store.
  • • Simply select the refund option on kasiCASH to create a refund code that you must share with the Pick n Pay cashier.
  • • Note: refund fees apply.
*A full list of participating retailers is available on the kasiCASH site at
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