A trusted platform for glass recyclers
Ardagh Glass Packaging is using new technology to drive growth in glass recycling.

The easy-to-use, web-based BanQu platform will enable transactions in the glass recycling value chain to take place safely, quickly and easily.
Benefits of joining BanQu
  • Transact anywhere, anytime on any internet connected device.
  • Transact easily and securely with third parties.
  • Instant payments via cashless transactions.
  • Cashless transactions reduce risk around cash and payments.
  • It saves you bank fees on transactions.
  • Electronic transactions replace paper and documents and provide record.
  • Where certain recyclers qualify for subsidies and incentives these can be easily paid.
BanQu technology enables:

Electronic transactions
Quick, safe and easy cashless payments
Transparency and fairness
Connection between recyclers
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